Welcome To My Blog



Hello there. I’m Kimberly and you’re reading my blog (def, otherwise you wouldn’t see this). So my intro is that I’m just a writer. Not professionally but I do like dropping a few things to read here and there. I’ll do creative writing, humour writing and basic life tips because I just like writing lol. So I hope there’s something here for you and I really do hope you enjoy. I do love and respect all of my readers. Plus if you have any suggestion to help improve my blog or want me to write about anything, feel free to use the Contact page and I promise to fulfill your request. Anyways, have fun reading 🙂




P.S : Despite the foodie type of blog name, I’m not a food blog. I just love food and all food related things 😀

Hopefully I didn’t disappoint anyone 🙂

P.P.S : I try to post twice a week so yeah